Hawkes Bay Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Debbie & Dylan | Hawkes Bay Engagement

There are certain places that are especially significant for a couple. Those places that are woven into your story and bind you together in shared history. Those places that, while they may not be where you live, feel like home when you find yourself returning there. We all have those places. But it just so happens […]

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Taupo Wedding New Zealand Wedding Photographer

Anna & Logan | Taupō, New Zealand

Sometimes people just click. You meet for the very first time and it’s like you’re catching up with old friends. Anna and Logan travelled 500 kilometres down to Wellington to have an engagement session nearly a year before their wedding. We sat in a favourite cafe, sipping excellent coffee surrounded by lush garden, getting to know each other. […]

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Benjamin and Elise Traditional Indian Wedding Auckland New Zealand

Rajni & Kunal | Auckland, New Zealand

We live in an increasingly globalised, future-orientated world where the new way is the best way. Yet many young people are rediscovering richness in tradition. Rajni and Kunal are not everyday traditionalists. They are young, educated, urban, fashionable. To say the least. Nevertheless they recognised the unique value of tapping into the ways that their parents and […]

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Waiheke Island Wedding Pie Melon Bay

Dan & Abby | Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Dan and Abby are a match made in heaven and a force to be reckoned with. They are a young beautiful power couple. Abby with her fiercely handsome son and Instagram following. Dapper Dan with his happy-go-lucky attitude and gig at Triumph & Disaster. Dan and Abby are a little bit rock-n-roll and whole lotta fun. They […]

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Benjamin and Elise Photography Taupo New Zealand Wedding

Louise & Ryan | Lake Taupō, New Zealand

Young love comes no sweeter than that shared by Louise and Ryan. These two are the best of friends and together were utterly unfazed by the less-than-ideal circumstances surrounding their bohemian-inspired Taupō wedding day. To cut to the chase, the wedding was nearly called off. Having lost 25% of his bodyweight in the weeks leading […]

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Cape Palliser Wairarapa Family Photos

Woods Family | Cape Palliser, New Zealand

The Woods are the dearest of friends. We have been close for years now having lived together, participating in their wedding as a groomsman and bridesmaid, and sharing life’s up and downs along the way. We all decided that we needed to get out of the city for a while so we rented a home over […]

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Wellington Engagement Session Wedding Photographer

Richard & Amy | Wellington, New Zealand

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Walking around the neighbourhood you live and spend every single day in, with a couple you are photographing, brings it to life in a whole new way. Alleyways that you hurriedly walk through or past, walls and nooks that have become all too familiar. These spaces give imagery meaning […]

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